Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maury River near Goshen - September 2008

Goshen Pass, a cut in the eastern front of the Allegheny Mountains in Virginia, is a very popular spot for white water kayaking, especially in the winter and spring when water levels are high. Upstream from the pass is a flatwater section of the river suitable for kayakers and other paddlers.

Primitive access to the river is located adjacent to a small bridge with parking for only a couple of vehicles. I was pleasantly surprised to find about 1/2 mile of flatwater available in the upstream direction before encountering a set of rapids. Water levels were fairly low, and there were a few paddle strikes, but for the most part, there was plenty of water for my 14' Heritage.

This section of the river is near the town of Goshen, but it was still secluded and fairly quiet. The water was crystal-clear, and I had a clear view of the rocky river bottom for the entire length.

I had to "throw out the anchor" and hit the brakes hard to avoid running over one of the largest turtles I've seen in the area, and I was quite surprised to see something this big on this stretch of river, in water only about 6 inches deep:

The upstream rapids were too long and way too shallow to paddle through, although I suspect it might be possible to get through this area earlier in the season when water levels are higher.

This is a pleasant section of river for a 45 minute paddle, and it should be beautiful in a few weeks when the leaves are at peak color.

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Sahara said...

This looks exciting. Your pictures capture the feeling of being on the water so perfectly.

Danny said...

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